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Silhouette of Soldiers
Veteran Disability Evaluation
Nurse Checking Girl
Fertility Egg Freezing
  1. We served our veterans with honest and thorough disability evaluation.

  2. Our veterans served the country with their lives and it's time for us to take care of their health issue as a small token of appreciation.

  3. If you are a veteran with health issues, be sure to contact the VA for details on how to claim and be evaluated by us.

  1. For a low monthly fee, patients have unlimited and timely interaction with provider.

  2. Office visit is not rushed and doctor is relatable and personal.

  3. No copay means patients would not be hesitant to contact the doctor.  It allows patients to make good decisions based on their health and health alone.

  4. Direct primary care is NOT a health insurance.  Think of it like a health club where you take charge of your health with us on your side.

  1. Bring back quality of life and relationship.  Growing old can be comfortable and pride.  Hormone levels can be adjusted.

  2. BHRT treats men and women to ease many symptoms, including perimenopause and menopause.

  3. Bio-identical hormones are identical to the hormones produced by human body.

  4. BHRT treatment is unique to each patients as their bodies and happiness are unique.

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