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About Us


About Family & Wellness Clinic

Family and Wellness Medicine offers quality primary care to patients by building a close doctor-patient relationship.  We offer unmatched services to patients that rarely exist in traditional health care setting:

  • Unlimited office visits with no additional co-pay

  • Virtually 24/7 access to doctor (via phone)

  • Same or next day appointment

  • Longer and more personable visit period to address all concerns adequately

All of this unprecedented benefits for a low membership fee.

Providing you with optimum primary care services

Blood Pressure Exam

Prevent further health complication by providing comprehensive treatments to patients along with detail explanation.

Woman & Doctor

Imagine having access to your primary care physician like a family member.  Yes! you can.  Each visit is comprehensive and no-rush.

Senior couple hugging

Bring back quality of life and relationship.  Growing old can be comfortable and pride.

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