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An illness can be traced back to a number of root causes.  Unlike traditional medicine, which aims to get rid of the illness itself with medication and advanced biotechnological equipment, Functional Medicine addresses the illness at its roots such as immune imbalances, inflammatory imbalances, digestive imbalances, etc. and helps patients avoid contracting unnecessary illnesses.

Functional Medicine fits well with Dr. Nguyen in that she takes time to get to know the patients and wants them to understand not only the importance of health but also how to maintain an optimum health whether one is in his/her 20s or approaching retirement age.

As a patient, you can regard Functional Medicine as a personalized treatment plan that requires a deep relationship between you and Dr. Nguyen, who will assess, design, and monitor a holistic treatment plan for you, and only you. Whether that is medication, supplements, food consumption, or life style change, Dr. Nguyen is with you on your journey to achieving an optimum health and, in turn, affecting positively your life as well as the lives of those around you.

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